Paula is 7 years old and the natural leader and brains of the crew. Curious and passionate about numbers, she loves to use them whenever she can - from playing with her friends, to right in the middle of some high-stakes action.
Tim is 6 years old, a constant fidget and into EVERYTHING physical, whether running around with a superhero mask and cape or trying a brand new sport – he has a new hobby every day and loves to cheekily prank his friends from time to time.
Billy is Paula’s walking talking stuffed toy lion. At 6 years old, Billy is the shy and sensitive heart of the team. Hesitant and thoughtful, Billy often hangs a step back from the group to think things through.
Numero is Tim’s super tech tablet to help the team out with trickier problems. Part calculator, drawing pad and camera-scanner that can reveal shapes, angles and other basic mathematical visuals on location.
When faced with a maths problem, Paula can call up one or two numbers from the range 1-10, via her hi-tech number bracelet!